*This is a sensitive topic for me. I hope sharing this helps other women that may have possibly been in a similar position.

2 years ago I went through a divorce. My husband was having an affair with another woman for about a year. This hurt me to the core, and shattered my heart into pieces. We were married for 19 years, My Family is everything to me. 

During our separation before our divorce was final, I asked him why? Probably the first thing women in my position would think. He was honest and told me that I had gained weight and he was no longer attracted to me. He believed that I had “ Let Go”. I admit since my 20’s I have gained weight, but love is blind right?

I fell into a deep depression after our divorce was final. I had to stay strong for my kids. I would cry every night, but hold my tears back unto I knew my kids were sleeping. One night one of my kids heard me crying, and came into my bedroom and asked me why...

The next day I was determined to get back into shape, but this time for Me and not for anyone else. I was always against prescription medication, and wanted something all natural. By sheer luck or blessing, I met the the owner of FYF Supplements.

She stated that they are newly launching a 24 Hour Fat Burner Pack after a year of creating different formulations to find the right one. She sent me the 24 Hour Fat Burner Pack. After 1 month of taking and 2 days a week of light exercise, I started seeing results! This was really making me feel better about myself! 

After a little over 2 months I have lost 32 lbs. I am feeling sexy, Really Sexy! This gave me confidence and is building my self esteem.

Recently after dropping my kids off to their Father’s house. He was acting a little weird towards me. He said when I was getting back into my SUV, “ I don’t get a hug goodbye”. I ignored the comment as him being him. 5 minutes After leaving, I received this text from him “ You are looking amazing, something seems different about you... I would like us to do lunch next week to talk about maybe getting back together for the kids."

My Reply “ Thanks, for the compliment. The kids are doing well with our current arrangement. Anything that you think we need to talk about regarding the kids can be done by phone. Thanks for offer though. “ 

You Never Know What You Had Until It’s Gone, 

Margo from Texas. 


* individual results may vary