*I have been using the Find Your Fine 24 hour Fat Burner Pack for a little over 2 months now. I love it!

I have always had issues with my " love handles". Not sure even why they are called loved handles, more like hate handles! I hated the way my love handles would hang over my pants when I wore a tight shirt. Often times I would buy cloths a little bigger so they could fit loose so my excess fat would not show resting over my pants. Summer time especially, I hated this season! I love to swim but would wear a one piece. Online I would see sexy two pieces but felt I didn't have the body type to rock it. 

I had tried thermogenics, detox teas, diets, and body wraps! With high hopes and hard earned money spent, it seemed there was nothing to remove this stubborn belly fat. The only thing that was decreasing was my bank account. 

I started taking the 24 Hour Fat Burner Pack January 14. 2 months later I have lost 14 pounds! More importantly it shows in my tummy and I now have this bikini I can't wait to wear! I look good but feel even better! I truly feel Fine! 

With Love, 

Kristi from Texas


*individual results may vary