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Should you workout with your man?

Posted by Admin on

Should you workout with your man?

In general, we all tend to agree that two is better than one – being it new dresses, movie tickets or cookies. You and your man are a living proof of this statement as well! It’s truly amazing to have an understanding and caring partner, who ideally shares your hobbies as well. Cooking, playing video games, going on spontaneous weekend trips…the list of activities, which are much more fun to do as a couple than on your own, is endless! You may be wondering though, if the same principle applies to working out.

Well, there is actually no one-fits-all answer to this one. Let’s focus on potential benefits of exercising together first, as those are numerous! A recent study published in the Obesity research journal confirms that exercising with your partner may help boost your performance, as observing each other’s progress promotes a healthy and slightly competitive environment, helping you achieve goals faster. Group fitness largely relies on similar findings – but instead of sweating in a company of 10 randoms who may very well not be the most pleasant human beings in the universe, exercising with your partner guarantees good company along the fitness journey. Finding motivation on your own can be difficult at times, but it’s a well-known fact that you are likely to become more accountable if your man is around.

Working out as a couple is also very likely to enhance the bond between you. No matter if you are learning new dance moves together or spotting each other while lifting a barbell as heavy as an average elephant, you will likely create many fun memories whilst increasing the levels of mutual support, respect and compassion. It’s basically like any other kind of quality time together, but you are also getting healthier along the way. Therefore, if you can find an activity or two that suits you both, we strongly encourage you to go ahead and start exercising together!

Now, the problems start when such activities don’t seem to exist. You want to try hot yoga, and he hates the heat and would rather hit an air conditioned gym instead. You are keen to go for an early morning 5k jog before breakfast – he dreads getting up before midday and only exercises after a big meal, otherwise fainting is inevitable. And good luck trying to sign up a kickboxing lover for that crazy barre booty workout. If finding a compromise is too difficult, it’s better not to push it. A crucial part of any relationship is an ability to respect each other’s needs and preferences. Don’t get discouraged and drop fitness just because you can’t find a way to do it with your man – it’s a very lousy excuse to stop paying attention to your health and wellbeing! Instead, focus on other activities you can do as a couple – mini golf, anyone?

You can still stay attached to each other’s fitness journeys by sharing your little victories over dinner. In the meantime, sign up for that barre booty thing already. Maybe you’ll meet a bunch of new girlfriends – isn’t it a win anyway?

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