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Great product!!! Works wonders!

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I really love how the night time burner works. I wake up feeling less bloat and my tummy is almost flat. Started them On Monday and lost 1lb so far today is only Thursday. The day fat burner gives me engery and i don't feel hungry..

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The PM formula alone has made the most gains for me. I'm so happy with this.

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Why it Turns Him on when You Workout!

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Why it Turns Him on when You Workout!
The more you think about it, the more puzzling it becomes. Here’s the story: you return home after a hardcore workout, your trendy exercise attire oozing sweat along with your skin. Likely, there was no makeup to start with, and if there was – chances are, it’s not very flattering now that the mascara has fallen off in little flakes and the foundation melted, creating weird patterns around your pores. Your hair looks more like a wet mop, and you’re shaking, slurping loudly and eagerly on your protein drink. At the moment, you have only one desire – to take a shower and lie down. Surprisingly, despite your seemingly pathetic appearance (No judgement there! That’s exactly how you should look after giving your everything to training!), your man has an entirely different agenda… Believe it or not, all of a sudden his eyes spark with passion, and he demands sexy fun times!

Surprised? The scientists aren’t. First of all, following a good workout, your skin is literally glowing, and no, we’re not talking about sweat right now. The researchers from the Texas Heart institute report that working out improves circulation, and the resulting stream of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood cells literally floods the skin with goodness. The result is literally written on your face – what a healthy color! The skin texture also improves, making you irresistible to touch.

Another thing is, exercising tweaks your hormones promptly, and your man can literally sense it straight away! The culprit here is increase in testosterone, and no, it’s not only for the boys – your body produces it too, only in much smaller amounts. It’s enough, however, to boost your perceived attractiveness instantly, as well as increase your own sex drive. So if he’s extra playful tonight, don’t say no – even if you’re tired. Sex will be amazing, we promise. And pssst – remember the improved circulation talk? Well, it works down there too, increasing the pleasure dramatically.

It’s not all about post-workout quickies, however. Regular physical activity has many long-term benefits which are just as likely to turn him on. We’ll only list a few of many, and no need to make it up – the science is on our side. Puffy eyes due to lack of sleep? Permanently bloated belly? No problem – by improving the lymphatic flow, exercise kills both. Trying to grow long, shiny hair? Working out will assist you better than an expensive scalp massage! If you hit the gym regularly, you are also actively delaying the development of wrinkles and battle nasty insomnia, which makes you look like a dying panda in the morning. Exercise is also a perfect mood and confidence booster – it’s pretty attractive, agree?

We hope we solved your puzzle today! A little warning though: don’t overdo it. While reasonable daily exercise is an extremely good idea if you’re looking to improve your appearance and overall wellbeing, frequent extreme workouts may have an opposite effect, especially if you are not ready for them yet. So, just as everything else really, exercise is good in moderation.

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