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Top 3 Ways to Lose Weight

Good news: there are quite a few ways to shed some unwanted pounds, fast. 

Not so good news: many of the available approaches are downright harmful for your health, whereas some others leave you hungry, unsatisfied and all round miserable.
Luckily, there is solid evidence based approaches to weight management. Today, we would like to share top 3 ways to lose weight – best of all, our advice is based on scientific research and following it will not cause any negative effects!

1) Cut back on simple sugars and starches. Contrary to many diet fads, carbs are not your enemy! However, if you’re carrying a bit of extra weight, chances are you’re consuming a bit too much of them. Instead of attempting to eliminate carbs entirely, which is unhealthy, focus on cutting back on highly processed high carb foods such as sweets, lollies, crisps, chips and such. Replace them with whole grains, veggies and fruit – and you’re sorted!

2) Don’t eliminate any food groups entirely. Instead, enjoy a variety of healthy proteins (lean meats, eggs, reduced fat plain dairy), fats (nuts, avocadoes, fatty fish) and carbohydrates (refer to the tip above) – and aim to eat as little “optional” foods as possible. Remember – when you primarily eat foods with no food labels attached, calorie counting and stressing about food groups becomes unnecessary!

3) Exercise. Be active at least 150 minutes per week! Sign up for group fitness classes, go for jogs or brisk walks, perform some resistance exercises, dance, try morning yoga or boxing… You can’t go wrong by picking something that makes you move and keeps you happy!

The tips above may seem really basic – but the trick is, there is no trick! Basic, thoughtful approach to weight loss does work the best. So ditch the diet crazes and fads and join the healthy movement!


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