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Great product!!! Works wonders!

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I really love how the night time burner works. I wake up feeling less bloat and my tummy is almost flat. Started them On Monday and lost 1lb so far today is only Thursday. The day fat burner gives me engery and i don't feel hungry..

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The PM formula alone has made the most gains for me. I'm so happy with this.

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5 Tips To Prevent Weight Gain During The Holiday Season

Posted by Admin on

5 Tips To Prevent Weight Gain During The Holiday Season
Once we get past Thanksgiving, the holiday season begins. For most people, this means parties, shopping, chasing end-of-year deadlines, traffic, and weight gain. Not only do you have to skip exercise, you are also surrounded by lots of holiday food. It's the most stressful time of the year, and eating is the go-to response. Calories keep coming in without exiting, resulting in a fatter you. If this has become an annual ritual for you, fret not. With a little planning, you can get through the holiday season without gaining an ounce.

Tip #1 - Eat healthy
Easier said than done. With parties left and right, how can anyone even hope to eat healthy? Well, if you look at your calendar, you actually have more days with no parties. Take advantage of those lull days and eat healthy. Have an oatmeal in the morning to prevent a sudden dip in your sugar levels. Snack on nuts, dairy, avocados, and berries during the day. Drink water or green tea. Substitute your usual calorie-laden meal with a protein powder. In short, be conscious of what you eat and choose the healthy alternative as often as you can.

Tip #2 - Choose lean meats and fish
The good news is that more and more people are conscious of their health these days. Even holiday foods have changed and healthier options are now seen in holiday tables. If you have to eat during parties, go for lean meats and fish. You burn more calories with protein than carbohydrates. If you must have the latter, opt for the whole grain kind. You will feel more full because of the fiber in them.

Tip #3 - Walk when you can
Losing weight during the holiday season is next to impossible unless you live in the boondocks. The most you can do is to at least maintain your weight. Aside from watching what you eat, take the time to do something physical whenever you can. Park at a spot farthest from the entrance and walk to your building. Volunteer to decorate or clean up after the party. It does not matter what the activity is as long as you move.

Tip #4 - Socialize
Instead of standing near the buffet table, make the holiday season a time to connect with colleagues and friends. Concentrate on relationships instead of the food. Many people overeat during Christmas because they would rather avoid people. Load your plate with healthy food choices and then mingle.

Tip # 5 - Manage your stress
The holiday season is stressful for most people, which is another reason why overeating
is common. You try to battle stress with cupcakes and Christmas punch. That is not the solution. Know what stresses you most during these times and address the problem itself. If you solve problems by eating, the problem will just go to your hips. You don't want to start another year screaming at your weighing scale. You have to stave off weight gain
during the holiday season by being mindful of what you eat and do. You can enjoy Christmas without becoming as big as Santa Claus by following the 5 tips above.


Mrs. Fine

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