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Visualize yourself into it: Why having the right mindset for weight loss is so important

Sometimes, no matter how hard you push yourself at the gym, to how much your work on your diet and exercise habits, it seems like there is no progress in sight.

If it sounds way too familiar, I’d like you to take a moment to look at your journey from a rather surprising perspective. Very often, the problem has very little to do with how often you exercise or sip on green smoothies. In fact, your very own Mindset, the image you hold of yourself in your mind may be the very reason you are not reaching your diet, fitness or weight loss goals.

As Bob Proctor, a world famous life coach suggests, the key to success is to modify your self-image before you embark on any worthwhile goal.  The sooner you stop seeing yourself as an unhealthy, overweight, and lazy person, the sooner you’ll start achieving the amazing changes you’re after. Start affirming to yourself daily that you are healthy, slim and active.

This is because when you change the image you have in your mind of yourself, you start to move in the direction of that image. You become what you think about most of the time. Ever heard an expression “fake it till you make it”? Well, looks like this is exactly the case!

Here are some simple health hacks below that I used in my weight loss journey:

•    Visualize Daily: Write down your ideal weight loss goal with a definite time period you intend to achieve it. Everyday, upon rising from bed and just before retiring to bed, visualize yourself already having attained your ideal weight. Internalize in your mind, how you feel, look and imagine the compliments you are receiving from friends being at your ideal weight.

•    Knowledge: Never stop educating yourself on benefits of your new lifestyle and innovative ways to boost your success. Researching these things will keep you inspired along the way. Read books, blogs, join groups and listen to podcasts around the subject of health to get inspired.

•    Exercise & Make it Fun: Don’t be pressured into thinking that you have to join a gym to lose weight or be healthy. In the beginning, I started off by innocently accepting challenges from my friends using FitBit to see who could log the most steps in a week.  What started off with 5K steps per day, quickly turned into 20K steps on many occasions. This had me shedding pounds very quickly.
And most of all, remember - nobody said it would be easy, success doesn’t happen overnight.  Henry Ford said it best, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.”

Many neglect the power of getting their mind right before they can get their body right.  By following some the tips shared above, you’ll soon discover the power of your mind has on creating the healthy lifestyle goals you seek.


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