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35 Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight

Posted by Admin on

35 Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight

Today, more than half of the world's busiest populations are at greater risk of developing chronic health problems in the years to come due to sedentary lifestyles, life pressures, and obesity. When you consume more calories than your body usually needs, most likely you will gain excess weight, and this won't give you any good benefits at all. Obesity isn't good because excess weight can put more pressure on your body joints and heart, eventually leading to joint diseases and high levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose. The worst part is, being overweight can cause a person to lose self-esteem, confidence, and will to live longer especially if treated with discrimination from others.

Losing weight is still the most effective way to reduce the chances of acquiring heart diseases, joint problems, hypertension, and even diabetes. "Weight management including weight loss is important because being an obese person is not good. Excess weight increases the risk of serious health conditions like heart problems, certain types of cancer and types II diabetes" according to Dr. John Lipmann, Gynecology, Vascular & Interventional Radiology. Unless you don't want to practice a healthy lifestyle or dream of wearing your skinny jeans again, consider these 35 reasons why you should extract that unwanted fat out of your bloodstream.

1. Experience balanced health, mind and body

balanced health, mind, and body

If you make healthy living an important part of your daily life, you'll be able to maintain weight in an acceptable range. In fact, losing a small amount of body fat on a regular basis is more than enough to help your body avoid having serious health problems someday. No need to drag yourself to the treadmill, just aspire for a slow but steady weight loss until you attain your desired fitness target. Any weight loss plan shouldn't be made alone, instead consult a dietician or professional nutritionist about the best weight loss program that's right for your body.

Losing weight provides you a lot of good benefits in different ways. While losing fat, bad cholesterol levels in your body get down, decreasing the risk of heart disease and respiratory problems. When you lose weight, you're able to prevent different types of cancer like colon and kidney cancer. But more than that, your body is able to move more, perform better and achieve more without thinking of joint pains and breathing difficulties.

2. Your joints and knees will have a sigh of relief

joints and knees

As people grow old, they develop different chronic illnesses including osteoarthritis, which for healthy individuals are just normal. But for aging people with some excess weight, this irritating joint disease appears unpleasant in starting off their morning sunshine. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease which gradually weakens the cartilage of your joints. If you have this condition, your joints get hurt, preventing you from moving normal or walking longer even on shorter distances.

Moving less won't help your joints recover from pain, which could lead to frequent muscle soreness and further weakness. Being overweight puts more pressure on the joints, weakening them six times faster than people with an average weight. Therefore, obesity makes it more difficult for you to handle osteoarthritis and shooting pains each time you move. This is why losing weight can help you feel less pain on joints, even if there's a presence of combined excess joint pressures, fat tissues and muscle inflammation around them.


3. To live longer and happily

Live healthy and longer

It is absolutely true that a leaner body is equivalent to reduced risks of chronic diseases, clinical depression and heart failure, thus leading to a fulfilled and longer life. Obesity makes a significant impact not only on your personal insights but also on life expectancy. Several journals published by the American Diabetes Association cite the risks factors of obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, and inappropriate food choices could further lead to a shorter lifespan up to 20 years. In contrast, according to "Position of American Diabetes Association: Weight Management," overweight people who strive hard to reduce 4% or more fat will yield more beneficial health benefits, resulting to longer lifespan up to 5 years.

4. Gain better sleep day and night

Better sleep day & night

Being overweight promotes sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that could lead to difficulty in breathing. Imagine the mudslides blocking off your nasal airways then cutting off your normal breathing at night. That's what happens when your upper airways collapse while you have a disturbing snore. What does this mean? More body fat increases the potential of developing sleep apnea, leading to frequent shortness of breathing.

This incident happens because the fat present in your airways reduces your breathing space, causing your airways to collapse fast while you're asleep. Quality sleep enhances your metabolic health, but this can be affected if you weigh a lot. This would mean rapid cellular aging, cognitive brain malfunctions and frequent mood swings in the long run. Therefore, a good weight management can help you sleep well, perform jobs better and live life at its best.

Have you noticed how your present diet affects the quality of your sleep? Studies show that your diet determines how quickly you can fall asleep and wake up rejuvenated the next morning. In fact, poor food selection makes you bigger because unhealthy foods digest fast but often leave you hungry after a while. That means your body keeps searching for high-fat content foods which eventually disrupt the quality of your evening rest.

5. Good body weight enhances culinary skills

Good body weight enhances culinary skills


Healthily-prepared meals often complement effective weight loss programs and fitness goals.

When you cook at your house, you are able to control the amount of sugars and carbohydrates you prepare for the family. Medical studies have shown that home-cooked meals only allow people to consume an average of 150 lesser calories and 25 grams fewer sugars, as opposed to people who frequently purchase fast food meals and frozen dinners. You'll start to notice the fascinating improvements on your cooking skills when you're preparing healthy dishes because you learn how to select the healthier ingredients instead of settling with high-fat foods.

Fortunately, there are thousands of weight-loss recipes and energy-packed meal plans available over the internet to watch out.

Each recipe is designed specifically based on prevailing weight (body mass index), type of daily activity and age bracket. You can select the best recipe that helps you lose weight better or suits your fitness goals more effectively without leaning too much on your taste preference. "Increased dietary protein consumed at breakfast leads to an initial and sustained feeling of fullness during energy restriction compared to other meal times,” as discussed on British Journal of Nutrition 101, focusing on the importance of protein intake.

6. Your immune system will get back into shape

Immune system will get back into shape

Balance is important between the amount of body fat and healthy cells for your body to work normally. However, if you have excess body fat, you're most likely exposed to viral infection, leading to poor body recovery from sickness. Increased Body Mass Index (BMI) is associated with different infections such as gum bleeding, nasal congestion and stomach infection, limiting your body to fight them over time. That's why losing weight can help your immune system become more responsive, more energized and healthier, leading to fewer incidents of colds and body infection in the long run.


7. You can achieve an awesome life

Achieve an awesome life

Imagine how your life can possibly become when your body is in a perfect state of health. You are able to appreciate the blessings you get and the achievements you reach in life. With a healthy body, you get less tired, become more productive and stay focused on work throughout the day. Even when you get home, you still have the strength to climb up the stairs or spend some quality time running around with your kids.

Losing weight can't be accomplished overnight, but you'll be able to reap the tangible benefits of a healthy life when you get there. With a reasonable amount of body fat, your life becomes more manageable, allowing you to add more routines and feel more energized all day. You are able to enjoy the positive changes in your life including healthy-moving knees, better sleeping time and better absorption of nutrients in your body. The best thing about it? You can finally taste nutritious foods like how they should be appreciated.

8. Better recovery rate from surgery

Better recovery rate from surgery

Surgical operations may seem difficult to perform on obese patients due to higher risks of post-operative complications according to Ross Kushner, author of "Treatment of Obese Patients (Contemporary Endocrinology)." Overweight people who struggle with obesity problems may also struggle in facing impending health issues that may require surgery. Being overweight slows down the recovery after surgery, which might become a serious risk factor in developing an infection. Moreover, surgical procedures related to cardiovascular health, cancer, and kidney problems are among the worst-case scenarios that may happen to obese individuals.

On the other hand, healthy people with a normal weight possess a good chance of surviving surgical procedures except for those with serious medical cases. Vital organs are able to become stabilized faster for healthy individuals as compared to overweight people who are always at risk of acquiring serious problems while recovering. Still, the bottom line here is to reduce excess weight before your situation gets worse. That's because every surgery patient wants to recover fast and safe, away from further complications and emotional struggles.

9. Heading towards your dream job

Heading towards your dream job

Aside from work credentials, employers often consider the applicant's overall health status before deciding to hire someone. Being overweight may reduce your chances of getting hired particularly if the job position requires a pleasing physique or active body movements. In a journal published by the American Hospital Association, Matthew Weinstock, author of "The Facts of Obesity,” expressed that the attached picture in the resume often influences initial job screening. Job profiles with "Slimmer" faces are given better opportunities in terms of initial job interview whether live or via phone call.
Being overweight may also create a bad impression among employers and colleagues, viewing the overweight people as less competitive and less agreeable than average weight persons. According to Rebecca H. Paul, author of "Stigma of Obesity: A Review and Update," a strong stigma to overweight could lead to difficulty getting a dream job, poor job placements and unfair compensation among obese individuals from company owners. Making it worse, people with higher BMIs are often deprived of better job opportunities, resulting to unjustified denial of work promotion as compared to their slimmer co-workers. Therefore, having a slimmer body will not only improve your confidence level but also impresses your potential employers and future colleagues.

10. Faster recovery from childbirth

Faster recovery from childbirth

Pregnancy is considered a major surgical procedure among women due to greater risks of post-operative complications. Unfortunately, about 50% of pregnant, overweight mothers are required to undergo Caesarian section, as compared to the majority of average weight moms. In addition to this, overweight mothers may require some additional procedures to go through to ensure the safety of their newborn child. In some instances, they are more exposed to site infections which may hinder the initial recovery stage of their birth wounds.

Every mother wants an awesome pregnancy experience and a safe birth. Inherent pregnancy complications are inevitable even after the surgery has been done, so it is important to maintain normal weight range based on suggested BMI for mothers. It's better to start off your pregnancy stage the right way by consuming nutritious meals under the guidance of a healthcare professional. The best way to protect your soon-to-be child from medical complications is to help yourself manage stress and give up smoking as soon as possible.

11. Better body equates to a salary raise

Better body equates salary raise

Is your present weight holding you back from receiving a better paycheck? Life is sometimes unfair for overweight individuals, especially the working class. There are some instances where overweight people are likely to be judged based on their looks and not how they perform rigorously at work. Higher weight isn't only associated with drawbacks for overweight people who are already employed, but also for job seekers.

Some researchers have indicated the relevance of "Optimal Weight" necessary for career advancements, promotions and even hiring processes in various industries today. "The more you weigh, the less you make," stated Marco Caliendo and Markus Gehrsitz in their paper, "Obesity and the Labor Market: A Fresh Look at the Weight Penalty."  Their recent study also finds a direct link between employment prospects and applicant weight in conducting interviews in the corporate setuperefore, losing weight is very important if you wish to land a better job offer or receive a well-deserving raise.

12. Better stress management

Better stress management

Stress is a constant thing that exists, and the amount of food has something to do with chronic stress levels. Chronic stress problems are often associated with your demanding office job or everyday childcare chores, which greatly affect your overall health. Unhealthy foods such as snack chips, fast food meals, and processed meat significantly contribute to higher stress levels which hinder you from attaining your fitness goals. On the other hand, healthy foods can alleviate stress, thus promoting an active lifestyle and better weight loss for your body.
A healthy food selection is the key to a lower stress level and better body response to exercise. Your stress hormones including cortisol are expected to shoot up if you don't control the intake of foods high in refined sugar and animal fat. This may lead to uncontrolled blood sugar, triggering the secretion of cortisol which would make you feel hungrier and stressed more frequently. That's why if you lose weight, you are able to counteract high-stress levels comfortably.

13. You'll appreciate food a lot easier

Appreciate food a lot easier

The solution to a slimmer body is found at the tip of your tongue. People have different taste preferences, and your taste bud affects the amount of food you consume or enhances your ability to pick the right food you need. "When it comes to taste, each one of us is hardwired differently," observed Valerie Duffy, RD, a nutritional science professor at the University of Connecticut. This is why your individual taste preference could affect your waistline and overall health. 

Extra weight appears to affect your sensitivity to food flavors. One good reason to support this theory is that the extra pounds influence certain hormone levels in your entire body, which significantly alters the way taste receptors signal your brain. An archive of Pediatrics and Adolescence Medicine showed that obese people have less taste sensitivity than average weight participants. This means that shedding off some extra weight can help regain your taste sensitivity, allowing you to appreciate the value of original food taste more.

14. Builds a new partnership

Builds new relationship

Keeping track with your weight loss program isn't fun when you're doing it alone. A support group is necessary to keep yourself motivated in fulfilling your lifelong objective. You get the chance to meet new friends going through the same situation as yours with the right support group system. To get started, find the best fitness program, sign up for some fitness classes and engage with fellow health enthusiasts.

Building a personal network isn't just about promoting a good camaraderie among friends but also sharing experiences where you can learn new techniques from others. Even finding an exercise partner around the neighborhood to go with you can improve weight loss. Since you're enjoying the exercise with some friends, you'll be surprised to see the huge changes in due time. As you go along, you'll be able to build self-confidence, social interaction and close friends regardless if your support group runs with you at your place or just via online.

15. Changes medical views into something positive

Changes medical views into something positive

It's unfortunate that healthcare professionals view obese individuals as non-compliant and hopeless with their medical treatments. As a result, they get less attention from doctors and nurses as compared to normal weight patients. A national survey even showed that overweight individuals were unfairly denied of healthcare services and insurance benefits than their average weight counterparts. Consequently, losing weight is still the best option to gain better opportunities when it comes to available treatments and healthcare provisions.

16. Reduces allergy attacks

Reduces allergy attacks

Overweight individuals are characterized by weaker respiratory systems when dealing with a sudden outburst of allergies during season transitions. Excess weight adds more strain to your respiratory system and adrenal glands, which may provoke asthma and allergy attacks further. Additionally, nasal airways may get blocked, making it a bit harder for you to breathe easily at night. That's why when you get up, you always feel less energized due to clogged noses and of course, stubborn allergies around you.

17. Reduces risk to develop depression

Reduces risk to develop depression

Depression has been a major problem for most obese people due to weight stigma, which often results in discrimination, public embarrassment and most of all, denial of social security and public access. As compared with men, women in plus-size built, entertain the thoughts of committing suicide more frequently, according to the American Psychological Association. Depression is often associated with sleep disorders at the initial stage then psychological problems come next shortly until the patient is diagnosed with a major depression. Each year, incidents of major depression among obese women continue to go up as high as 37%, which can lead to more serious health problems if not treated properly.

Weight loss fights depression, but an obese individual can't make it alone. The immediate support from family and community members is important to help them overcome their frustrations and shortcomings. Convinced them to sign up for some fitness sessions or encouraged them to get connected with a support group that handles weight loss management professionally. However, the first step in trimming down begins with a single decision to achieve something in life.

18. Prevents injuries and disability

Prevents injuries and disabilities

Carrying some extra loads puts more pressure on both skeletal frames and knees which can reduce your mobility in later time. Patients with arthritis are likely to be categorized as obese, according to Center for Disease Control. By age 50 and up, overweight people will begin experiencing joint pains, due to combined muscle inflammation, arthritis and excess fat. Researchers from the University of New Hampshire also discovered that obese women have 20% slower walking rate and 28% less strength on their legs as compared with normal weight persons.

To prevent further injuries, start losing weight as early as possible and build more muscle mass with cardiovascular exercises. Obese people are always at greater risk to suffer mild to severe sprain, calf muscle injury and excessive joint inflammation due to water retention and uric acid formation. You can add more calcium or select the food ingredients that are rich in calcium and essential vitamins to enhance bone health.

19. Improves sex drive and vitality

Improve sex drive and vitality

Medical studies proved that lower BMIs among men and women helps increase sexual arousal.

No more bedroom blues because as your body mass index decreases, your body easily gets pumped up for some action. As your burn fat and lose weight, your testosterone levels also improve. In fact, overweight men have testosterone levels almost comparable to older men nearly close to a decade older or even more, according to CDC journal entitled "The Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity."

For the opposite gender, excess fat escalates the secretion of cortisol, leading to a higher stress level. Overweight women will often feel stressed and tired, but still craves for high amount of carbs and sugars. When cortisol levels are high, sexual arousal gets interfered, making a woman's body feel less energized to perform sex. Therefore, maintaining a manageable weight is the key to a successful bedroom life.

20. Prevents worsening of gum diseases

Prevents worsening of gum disease

Excess weight will absolutely put your dental health in jeopardy. According to the University of Connecticut School of Dentistry, being overweight significantly affects your oral health, placing you at greater risk for gingivitis, periodontal disease and excessive gum bleeding. Weight loss is absolutely important to prevent further tooth loss due to the presence of acidic saliva and various dental problems. Aside from this, increase intake of Vitamin C and Calcium nutrients to strengthen your dental profile.

21. Your kids will enjoy a healthier life

Kids will enjoy a healthier life

Weight loss isn't just designed for adults, but also for children weighing out of the norms. If you're practicing healthy eating habits, your children may be able to adapt to the same routine too. However, if your child is overweight, consider switching to a weight loss program to help your little one realize the good benefits of having a healthy body. A University of California, Irvin research indicated that when parents drop their DMI down by one unit, their children also drop theirs by nearly one quarter.
If you're pregnant and still haven't given birth, start shedding off some excess weight to protect your newborn child from developing obesity in the future. According to a Connecticut State University study, if you ignore taking care of your health during pregnancy, your baby becomes at risk of suffering from newborn diseases and impaired brain development. For this reason, it is important to select the right kind of food, which can make an immediate impact throughout your pregnancy. Healthy food choices and weight loss should always be taken into consideration to ensure your baby's optimal growth while inside the womb.

22. Let your loved ones see your success

Loved ones see your success

A success story inspires people especially when talking about body transformation and improved overall health. Your success in losing weight may encourage family members and friends to set up their own fitness goal. Invite them to sign up a fitness program or join with you in attending weight loss sessions in the gym. Alternatively, make yourself available to become their fitness partner or be a role model when it comes to healthy meal preparations for weight loss.

23. Runny nose? Not anymore

Runny nose? not anymore

When body weight falls within the normal range, you'll likely experience seldom cases of a cough and colds especially during spring break. The success of any weight loss plan is always supported with a complete turnaround from poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Gradual changes include regulating TV watching, getting enough sleep per day and choosing the appropriate food groups that are good for your everyday health. Completing the body health overhaul process is the inclusion of regular exercise to help you eliminate unwanted toxins within your body.

A lifestyle change definitely enhances your immune system against life stresses, allergies, and harmful bacterias. This will help your body recover fast from sudden colds, tired muscles, and emotional stresses whether in the office or at home. "The more you supplement your immune system with an ample amount of Vitamins and minerals, the better it performs to keep your health in top shape," according to a Warren Albert medical research. That's because when you lose weight, your body is able to absorb the food nutrients and utilize them more properly.

24. Recalling becomes easier

Recalling becomes easier

If you feel like forgetful these days, it could be due to several reasons including lack of sleep, environmental factors, and level of physical activity. However, it's not surprising that diet plays a significant role when talking about memory health. Weight loss greatly improves memory retention, cognitive functions, and mental concentration according to several studies. Memory lapses can now be associated with excess weight, combined with poor-quality sleep, bad eating habits, and sedentary activities.

A medical study in relation to memory retention indicated that women of various age brackets perform well on memory test, 58% better than they did before shedding off some excess pounds. Memory test results suggest that women who lost weight are able to perform more activities because they are able to exercise their brain functions more efficiently. A food and nutrition research found that concentrated sugars such as corn syrup and fructose, which are often included in the ingredient lists of sodas and fruit juices, disrupt the brain's ability to absorb new information fast. "Cutting off the starches and sweets plus working over a treadmill for half an hour can make a difference," expressed Shannon Anderson, a fitness and health expert. Natural supplements like Ginkgo Biloba or nutrients like zinc and omega-3 fatty acid are some of the best sources for memory improvement.

25. Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and infertility

Reduces risk of gestational diabetes and infertility

Start shedding off some excess fat if you're planning to have a family. Overweight and obese women may experience several pregnancy complications like preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. The worst part is that they are at far greater risk of giving birth to babies with birth deformities and nutrient deficiencies. For men, obesity is often associated with low sperm count and inconsistent testosterone levels.


26. Food cravings are controlled

Food cravings are controlled

If you feel good about your normal weight, you won't be craving for junk foods and restaurant meals that much. That's because your body responds cautiously to increased hunger hormones, signaling your brain not to eat or look for food when you don't need to eat. A healthy food selection is the key ingredient to sustain the good momentum plus a lot of efforts to discipline yourself. Healthy meals mean filling your fridge with the right amount of satiety-boosting foods that can help suppress hunger and appetite longer.
Diet modification should be taken gradually to help your body adapt properly since crash dieting can make you feel even hungrier when it's not executed right. At the same time, healthy diet plans are designed not to spice up your blood sugar, but to provide the necessary nutrients your body needs to last for hours. To make losing weight more effective, develop a positive mindset first then follow the appropriate meal plan based on your current BMI and fitness objectives.

27. Better weight, fairer skin complexion

Better weight, fairer skin complexion

If you're still using face and hand creams up to now, perhaps, you should start blaming the excess weight in your body. Trimming down some few pounds can help clear up your skin blemishes or skin problems like acne and psoriasis. Healthy foods provide the natural beautifying benefits to give your skin a healthy glow. If possible, cut off the concentrated sugars since they destroy the essential amino acids in the protein that helps your skin appear radiant.

Skin health dramatically improves if you are constantly consuming probiotics and natural fibers from yogurt and whole wheat grains. Healthy food sources also enhance microbiome, an important element of the body immune system, in counteracting the effects of skin inflammation and early deterioration. Medical experts believed that probiotics play an active role in reducing inflammation on skin cells while alleviating skin problems. Still, the secret to a beautiful and radiant skin is linked to the right kind of food you put in your body.

28. Feel good for not sweating

Feel good for not sweating

The worse thing about being fat is when you sweat uncomfortably in various places. Even if the temperature is just 70 degrees, your body tends to sweat. This happens because body fat insulates the body and elevates the inner temperature, causing you to feel warmer than others. So the heavier you are, the more frequent you perspire.

29. Risk factor for cancer will go down

Risk for cancer will go down

There's no doubt that obesity is directly linked to cancer. A research study from Harvard Medical School indicated that cellular inflammation resulting in weight gain also causes further damages to DNA structures. That means your body is at higher risk of developing cancer along with the poor immune system and slower response rate to medical treatment. Fortunately, inflammation may decrease significantly by just losing at least 5% of your total weight every two years according to a published journal from the American Diabetes Association.

According to the National Cancer Institute, obesity increases the risk for cancers of colon, esophagus, pancreas, rectum, kidneys, endometrium and gall bladder among others. So what you should do with excess weight? Trim it down before the cancer cells catch up.

30. Weight loss brings back your glory days

Weight loss brings back your glory days

Seeing your weight five times lighter is more than enough to give you a huge sigh of relief. Weight loss can regain your confidence back, allowing you to take charge of your life. When you lose weight, you're able to make new friends, experiment more and overcome the pressures of life with a better attitude. On top of this, leaner built gives you more freedom to move and reach the far side of the world with no limits.


31. Feel pumped up all the time

Feel pumped up all the time

Being overweight requires more amount of food intake, which can keep triggering your cravings and hunger hormones. This keeps you feeling sluggish, tired and lazy to move. However, when you drop off the excess pounds, you'll soon notice the newfound energy inside you. You'll have more energy to complete some tasks, and you'll stay focused throughout the day.

A healthy diet is still the main ingredient to maintain your energy levels. It's not just the healthy foods that sustain your energy, but it's also because your body only consumes exactly what it needs to keep going. So when you keep your weight at a normal level, expect your body to feel energized without dragging yourself anymore.


32. Expect people to become nicer
Expect people to be nicer


It is unfortunate that many societies today discriminate overweight individuals by restricting their access on social services and healthcare benefits. After dropping off your excess fat, you'll eventually start noticing the changes around you. People will notice you and even pay you more attention especially if you've made some dramatic changes over your physical looks. They would start appreciating how you dress up, how you walk or even how you smile back at them.
Even on social network sites, people are more attracted to slimmer faces and healthier-looking individuals. You'll get better compliments, positive feedbacks or even job offers. That's because many people share the same impression that all plus-size individuals look the same.

33. Improves personal mood

Improves personal mood

Fitness experts say that exercise becomes so much fun when your body gets used to it. At first, it may be painful for your body, but once you begin losing excess fat, you'll see the huge difference in your everyday mood. That's because your body is producing endorphins, an important body hormone that regulates mood. Imagine how endorphins and calorie burning will act together each time you work on your sweat.
However, results will depend on how you fuel up your body with the right kind of food. So make sure to measure everything from protein sources to water intake to keep that warm smile on your face.

34. Slimmer body draws more savings

Slimmer body draws more savings

Weight gain incurs huge expenses because you spend a lot when you eat more. Surprisingly, bigger apparels for both men and women are priced 25% higher than their smaller counterparts. What's more, individuals who maintain a healthy weight scale spends 40% less on health expenses than households with overweight members.

Healthcare cost is an important consideration when planning your family's future. However, it would be better to start your lifelong investment by practicing healthy living. You can complement this by switching to home-cooked meals instead of buying fast food meals and frozen delights. You can even save more when you reduce purchasing sodas, snack chips, fruit juices, and processed meats.

35. Meet new friends and do more

Meet new friends and do more

Exercising gets you out of your comfort zone for some fresh air and some short talks with friends. When you walk or jog around, you get the chance to meet new people and explore more interesting places. You could even explore new activities especially if you've been limited to what type of exercises before because of that extra weight. But more than this, you can look forward to engaging in different outdoor activities with the whole family, boasting that thinner frame and a healthy mind.

There you go. Here are the 35 compelling reasons why you should trim your excess fat out. So if you've been overlooking those potential health hazards, now's the right time to widen up your eyes because good health could lead you to prolonged life, financial security and stable well-being.

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