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5 Reasons He is Just Not into You

You’ve been texting back and forth for weeks, but no date to follow. Or there was a date (even a few, perhaps), but you seem to keep hanging out as friends without getting touchy-feely. Another scenario – you woke up next to each other after a wonderful date, but now he seems to avoid you. Ouch. Maybe you’ve read the insanely popular book by Greg Behrendt or have seen the hilarious movie based on it (starring like 50% of the best Hollywood actors by the way) – then you probably know that he likely wasn’t too busy to reply, and his health is hopefully still amazing. Chances are, he is just not that into you. Not satisfied with such a dry answer and keep wondering why? Here is our selection of 5 common reasons.

You’re simply not his type. A hard one to swallow, but doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a shallow douche, unless he’s extremely rude about it. Admit it, you probably have “a type” too – maybe you fall for tall dark-skinned brunettes, whereas short pale redheads put you off. The reason for that may lie within our biology – there is a theory stating we are unconsciously looking for the variations of genes we don’t have, in order to produce the healthiest offspring possible. Bingo - genes highly determine our looks. Just how smart the human brain is!

He sincerely believes you’re friends. This often happens if he had some feelings for you at the start (maybe you didn’t even know), but then either you rejected his subtle signs or he discovered something he doesn’t want in his partner (it may be as silly as his cat allergy whereas you have 5 kittens already). Does he talk about other girls a lot? If so, you’re probably just friends, even if you have a different agenda.

He’s deeply into someone else. Following up from number 3 – whilst hanging out with you, he may already have a crush, or even be in a committed relationship, possibly including a diamond ring and 4 babies. Unfortunately, not every quality guy is destined to be yours – relax and move on, there is plenty of fish in the ocean.

He’s not ready for a relationship. The reasons for this may vary, from just being immature and not in tune with his own needs, to a recent painful breakup. This is exactly the guy who will go on dates, express attraction and willingly sleep with you, but will not ever invest anything emotionally. Being involved in such an illusion of a relationship can be really painful, so please run away and never come back.

He’s just not that into girls. He’s probably gay! As crazy as it sounds (how did you miss this not so subtle detail?), such misunderstandings happen quite often. Laugh it off and move on, but don’t delete this guy’s number – he’s likely to be an amazing and understanding friend.

There are actually myriads of other reasons, but the most important question is actually not “why?” but “where to now?”
Simple – let go and move on! Don’t waste your time, otherwise you’re risking to miss someone who is seriously into you, no games involved.

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