Quality of your sleep be sabotaging your fitness program
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Could the Quality of Your Sleep Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Program?

Busy lifestyles, poor eating habits and stressful work environments equal lack of quality sleep for many people today. In fact, the fast-paced living dramatically disturbs the natural sleeping patterns of your body. Good quality sleep is extremely important to stay healthy, just as important as exercising and eating the right food. That's because getting enough sleep is crucial to sustaining a healthy lifestyle and a good-working fitness body.

The importance of good sleep

Importance of good sleep

Having a good sleep seems difficult to attain these days particularly for people who work on extended shifting schedules. Sleep quality has decreased tremendously because people are now resting less than they did before. Perhaps, there's an immediate need to remind your body and mind on how important it is to sleep adequately every night. If you're trying to shed off some unwanted fat, getting quality rest is definitely crucial to make your fitness program effective. Here's why:

Lack of quality sleep makes you fat

Lack of quality sleep

Poor sleeping habits are associated with faster weight gain, leading to obesity and chronic diseases among adults and children. The effect of short sleep is not only resulting in weight gain but also leading to a negative mindset and lack of motivation to perform any workout. People who lack quality sleep are believed to weigh heavier than those who get adequate rest at night. To make it worse, shorter sleep time could develop alarming risk factors for eating disorders, heart problems, and hypertension.

Better athletic performance

Better athletic performance

Adequate sleeping time enhances athletic performance and sustained stamina while working in the gym. This can also result in improved cognitive functions, body speed, and mental alertness. Lack of quality sleep was linked to slower body movements, gripping power, and difficulties in performing basic routine, according to a study conducted by Jonathan R. Schwartz and Thomas Roth on "Neurophysiology of Sleep and Wakefulness: Basic Science and Clinical Implication." Therefore, maintaining an adequate amount of sleep time can improve physical performance and various sports activities.

Less consumption of calories among normal sleepers

Less consumption of calories

It's not surprising that people with sleep deprivation tend to eat more calories than the recommended intake per day. Inadequate sleep dramatically disrupts your appetite hormones, Ghrelin, causing you to indulge more sweets and carbohydrates.

Increase on mental concentration and productivity


Acquiring enough sleep makes you more productive, yielding better results than lacking in sleep due to extended work schedules. Shortened sleep hours tend to create a more negative impact on some aspects of your brain functions, which can be compared with certain degrees of alcohol intoxication and mental health problems. This is why quality sleep is so important in rejuvenating your brain functions for better performance. One thing more, good sleep has been linked to better memory retention, problem-solving skills and logical reasoning for both adults and children.

Visible link to depression

Link to depression

Several common mental health problems, including depression and anxiety disorders, are often associated with lack of sleep. Medical research shows that patients with depression always talk about the lack of quality sleep, linking it to other problems such as hallucinations and extreme sleeping disorders. Even cases of obstructed sleep apnea and insomnia are linked to depression, and they all started with sleep deprivation.

Higher risk of heart disease

Risk of heart disease

Sleep quality has been a major factor in resolving many health problems among busy people. Lack of good sleep, on the other hand, drives people to severe health issues like stroke, chronic diseases, and difficulty in breathing. Several research studies already proved that people who don't get enough rest are at risk of developing heart disease and other chronic illnesses. Still, it would be better to follow the recommended 7 to 8-hour sleep in a day to live a healthy life.

Enhances the immune system

Enhances immune system

Restful sleep significantly improves immune system and the body's capacity to absorb nutrients. When you get sufficient sleep, your body is able to fight common colds effectively, improve mobility and maintain mental sharpness throughout the day. Getting at least 8 hrs of sleep a day could be beneficial to keep your gym performance at a high level.

As you observe, good sleeping habits should be taken into consideration along with cautious food selection, strict nutrition watch and of course, regular exercise to keep yourself fit all day. Having enough sleep also enhances social interaction, mood and body recovery after a hard day's work from the gym. You won't be able to achieve optimal health if you don't know how to take care of your sleep. Now, the question is, could The Quality of your sleep be sabotaging your fitness program? 
The answer is yes. Quality sleep helps you develop a positive attitude and a healthy mindset towards good nutrition. Aside from that, your body repairs itself, and your mind recharges while sleeping. Now, to get the most of your restful sleep at night, you need FYF Supplement PM fat burner pack in helping your body recover fast from a rigorous workout. This fascinating fat-burning formula contains three important ingredients namely Garcinia Cambogia fruit, tryptophan, and melatonin, combined to give your body the relaxing sleep it deserves.
Since stimulants aren't helpful to help your body recover in the evening, the FYF PM fat burner supplement provides the essential nutrients you need to induce better sleep with more fat-burning effects. This formulation goes hand in hand with the AM fat burner because the latter is designed to improve your gym performance and suppress appetite without messing up your evening rest. The extra caffeine and other stimulants may become beneficial if you need to perform more reps in the gym. But the PM fat burner will provide the calming effects, making you feel relaxed and energized the next morning.

The FYF PM fat burner supplement is made of three valuable ingredients; each provides the best nutritional value your body needs. Garcinia Cambogia, for example, works naturally as a fat-blocker, impairing your body's ability to create or store fat after consuming a sumptuous meal. This formulation also includes melatonin, an important hormone, produced by the pineal glands in the brain, which regulates your sleeping cycle both day and night. How about Tryptophan? It's an essential amino acid that regulates your eating mood and breaks your appetite while helping the body burn fat during the night.

Supplements are not bad at all, though, in fact, some are proven to improve the quality of your sleep like what you get from FYF PM fat burner. FYF Supplement will help you amplify the positive impact you're making with a healthy lifestyle and strict food control.

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