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How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Ways and 15 Tips

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How to Lose Weight Fast: 3 Ways and 15 Tips

Having busy lifestyles, poor eating habits and high levels of stress often hampers anyone's fitness goal to healthy living. If you aren't able to manage these contributing factors, you'll likely gain weight and find yourself in a challenging health situation one day. Now, to begin with, here are three simple ways to shed off some unwanted belly fat fast.

1. Enroll in a fitness or exercise program

Health experts always suggest complementing your weight loss efforts with the right kind of exercise program. To do this, start going to the gym at least three times a week and consult a fitness instructor on every visit. The exercise program should include cardiovascular exercises, endurance building, and resistance training. Lifting weights can help you burn more excess calories while preventing your metabolism to slow down.

Visiting the gym alone doesn't guarantee a complete success to a healthier body because it requires discipline and full understanding of your body needs. To support your fitness program, you must include healthy meal planning and routine exercises as part of your daily life. If lifting weights is not available for you, you can perform several cardio workouts such as jogging and cycling.


2. Reduce the amount of sugar intake

Don't forget to treat yourself when you accomplish something for your health within the week. Take a day off where you can eat more carbs and fats than what you're normally consuming. However, it is essential to choose the right carb like sweet potatoes, wheat bread, and brown rice to avoid losing your momentum. If you can't avoid unhealthy foods like burgers and pizzas, make sure to eat them only on this "special day."


Sugars will definitely taste your food delightfully, but they will end up hurting your body and even become a significant contributor to developing chronic diseases and poor body performance. The most important thing is to cut back on consuming a high amount of sugar and starches which are commonly found in processed foods. Your hunger levels significantly go down, allowing your body only to take fewer calories when you do this. Also, your body uses the stored fat for energy instead of accumulating it again for an extended period of time.

When you cut back on carbohydrates, insulin levels will become manageable, which will help your kidneys excrete the excess water and salt out of your body. This prevents water retention, bloating and accumulation of body toxins.


3. Increase protein and fruit intake

Practicing healthy eating habits always complement fitness programs and overall body health. You may construct your healthy diet with a combination of vegetables, low-fat sources, and protein-enriched foods on every meal. In this way, you are able to reduce carbohydrate intake dramatically and still achieve the recommended 50-gram per day requirement. Protein sources often include lean meat, seafood, eggs, and some beans and legumes.

If you wish to estimate the number of calories you consume, there are many sources of food information that includes calorie levels and Glycemic indices available. Just by adding additional protein to your daily meals, you can reduce food cravings, helping you avoid midnight snacks and constant thoughts about food.


The 15 best tips for losing weight

The end results of exercise programs and healthy diet plans vary from one person to another. Whether you're into a low-fat, low-carb or high-protein diet, never forget to include these weight loss tips to make your program enjoyable.


1. Apply a "Cheat day" at least once a week

Don't forget to treat yourself when you accomplish something for your health within the week. Take a day off where you can eat more carbs and fats than what you're normally consuming. However, it is essential to choose the right carb like sweet potatoes, wheat bread, and brown rice to avoid losing your momentum. If you can't avoid unhealthy foods like burgers and pizzas, make sure to eat them only on this "special day."

2. Maintain a food journal

Record everything you eat on weekdays and weekends as accurate as possible if you really want to monitor what you're eating. Dieticians can evaluate your progress, and the results will definitely show how effective your weight loss plan is. This method can only become effective if you're honest enough to input the right food data you've consumed on each day. What's written on the food diary can help you identify where you get the extra calories, thus allowing you to make necessary changes to your diet.


3. Calculate the calories

Calorie calculators come out as online apps which appear to be useful to track down the number of calories you are consuming. Their main objective is to help you calculate the exact calories you need without losing energy during the day. In fact, nutritionists don't frequently suggest using this as long as you can maintain a moderate range of protein sources, fat and vegetables to your diet. What's more important here is to keep your carb intake between 20 and 50 grams the whole day and get other carbohydrate sources from protein and healthy fats.

4. Keep a good-working diet regimen

When a person already achieves his or her ideal weight, that person may revert back to his old eating habits and may gain weight again. Make some small changes in your calorie intake that you can keep for a long period of time. A gradual increase of cardio workout is easy enough to keep your calorie levels at a manageable range.


5. Make your goals more attainable

Fitness health goals should be kept realistic since the more they look possible, the less chance for anyone to give up. Many diet plans and fitness programs are designed with a solid structure and stringent rules to follow. Some people prefer to perform more rigorous exercises than the recommended workout time, thus still ending up sluggish. What you need to do is to reduce the calorie intake down to 1200-1500 calorie range, maintain a 30-minute cardio activity and reach a one to two-pound weight loss goal a week.


6. Increase your body movements

Going to the gym isn't the only thing you need to do to keep your body moving. You can park your vehicle away from your workplace in order for you to walk. Climb up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Also, increase your weekend activities by means of brisk walking, running, swimming and hiking.


7. Prepare meals by yourself

Anyone doesn't need to become a kitchen expert in cooking food deliciously. Try to prepare your meal from scratch as this can help you control the number of carbohydrates, protein, and salt you put on it. You can keep your dishes simple, but not easy enough just like you opened up some canned goods from the cupboard. Always stay away from fast foods, instead settle with salad bags, grilled meat, omega-enriched, and various low-carb vegetables.


8. Use smaller plates

Smaller plates encourage people to eat food in smaller portions. Be sure to leave enough time before contemplating from going back for another batch. But still, this method requires practice, complemented with proper food choices and sugar-free drinks.


9. Practice mindful eating

No matter how engrossed you are at work, it's better to set aside some quality time for meals. Research studies show that consumers who are often distracted tend to eat more calories than people who are mindful of what they're eating. Studies also indicate that mindful eating can improve food satisfaction without craving for more. What's important is that you become aware of the amount of food you're consuming to control your calorie intake during meals.


10. Watch out on the nutrition labels

Processed foods contain several extra food ingredients which are not often disclosed on packaging labels. These hidden sugars and fat contents are high in glycemic loads which cause blood sugar levels to shoot up drastically. Make it a habit to check the unhealthy ingredient lists such as preservatives, fructose, corn syrup, and saturated fats. Also, there are other sources of healthy, high-fiber carbs available including whole wheat grains, brown rice, and wheat-made noodles.


11. Refrain from skipping meals

Healthcare professionals don't recommend skipping meals when trying to avoid calories and weight gain. In fact, running the day with low-blood levels often leads to overeating and unexpected mood swings. Skipped meals also increase the levels of stress, palpitation and even feeling of bloating.


12. Feast on meals with sufficient water content

Vegetable soups and stock-based dishes instead of thick soups can help fill up your hunger pangs faster, which can limit your calorie intake. Loading up your plate with vegetables is also helpful for lowering the calories since they are high in water and fiber contents.


13. Select only the healthy snacks

Snacks aren't entirely excluded from various dietary regimens. In fact, snacking is essential in feeding your hunger pangs at certain times during the day in order to reduce food cravings. However, choosing healthy snack items over snack chips, sweet biscuits and fast foods should be your foremost consideration. If you need to eat some snacks, you may settle with natural yogurt with berries, boiled eggs, carrot sticks, almond nuts, and stock-based soups.


14. Get some support

Enrolling to a fitness class alone can become discouraging especially if you don't have enough support from family and friends. Try to get them involved to help yourself remain on track until you succeed. A weight loss support group also appears beneficial particularly if you have struggled to lose weight before. Besides this, you may seek professional advice from a registered dietician or nutritionist for better progress monitoring.


15. Include an effective weight loss formulation to your fitness goal

The primary responsibility of fat burner supplements, like FindYourFine supplements, is to boost the calorie-burning process without losing the essential nutrients during workouts. However, don't think that fat burner will work like magic because they only become effective when you perform exercise and maintain a healthy diet regularly. FindYourFine Supplement helps your body lose weight at a faster rate by modifying some areas of your body chemistry like nutrient absorption, reaction to hunger suppression and post-workout recovery. This works as an efficient fat blocker, an appetite suppressant, and a sleep regulator to help your body achieve its ideal weight.

Losing weight always starts from a strong will to achieve a healthier mind and body. The bottom line is to apply the appropriate weight loss regimen that reduces your calorie intake without dealing with hunger.

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