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Does the Paleo Diet work?

The question is, does the paleo diet really work as magically as advertised?

If you rushed to jump on the wagon and found that it’s not doing much for you, we are honestly not surprised. Here are just a few reasons why paleo diets are not very likely to be the answer to your weight management goals:


  • It cuts out entire food groups. For instance, grains and legumes are not allowed – and guess what, there is no scientific evidence behind these restrictions. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite, as restricting high-fibre grain foods does not appear to offer long term advantages when it comes to weight loss. 
  • You don’t need this much protein. Paleo diet is built around high protein (and high fat) foods such as steak, bacon, eggs and such. Don’t get us wrong, these foods are absolutely beautiful in moderation – however, in excess they may not be doing you any good. An average paleo adept may consume as much as 200 g of protein daily, which is almost three times what the healthy eating guidelines recommend. Not so good for your waistline and, potentially, your kidneys, as excreting protein metabolites is quite demanding for these little organs.
  • You are likely to consume excessive calories. Another downside of basing the diet around energy dense foods is that it’s very easy to go overboard and exceed your daily energy allowance. This especially applies to paleo friendly treats such as cakes and slices. By the way, how on Earth did the cave people cook them?

In summary, Paleo diet doesn’t have any strong evidence to back its fundamental claims, and may even sabotage your weight loss. Keep it simple, cut down on naughty foods, exercise and adhere to healthy eating guidelines – and you won’t need to follow any fads!


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