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Dating Website or App: The Good and the Bad

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Dating Website or App: The Good and the Bad

Meeting fresh faces raises its norms from knowing people on a personal level to a virtual level with the advent of dating app services today. In fact, they offer the convenience of helping people find their true love and lifetime partners in life. These mobile apps are specifically designed to make communication easier for people who like to meet new friends in an attempt to get romantically involved in a good way. Tinder becomes a worldwide success, since its inception in 2012, which leads to the creation of other popular dating websites including OkCupid, Match.com, and Bumble among others.

The purpose of dating apps is to link individuals who share some similar interest and give them the best chance to know each other well. Dating app users might have some similar insights in life, but the intentions aren't always the same. Since a dating app is an open community where people from various locations meet online, it is important to become aware of its benefits and disadvantages. Find out below:

Dating app advantages


Many of these online dating applications integrate some personality tests to enhance profile matching. In fact, the results often improve your chances of getting matched with a potential partner. Aside from this, you are provided with various options that can help you customize the match results the way you want it. You can take full control of your search options particularly on the field of interests and academic credentials, reducing the risk of landing to an incompatible candidate.

Easy access to millions of potential matches

Dating apps can offer you a comfortable place where you can meet a total stranger without worrying about security. You can start your private conversation by sending an email or some chat messages, to express your interest with someone. This helps you save more precious time as opposed to the old fashioned way of sending messages using hand-written letters. Not only that, you can acquire direct information about a person, regardless if it's written accurately or not, using dating apps.

Simplified process of narrowing down

Once you get interested with someone, you are able to make an appointment date immediately. You can always utilize the search options to find the best candidate with the appropriate personality that will suit your preference. For your own protection, please make your own investigation about a potential candidate before deciding to meet him in person. Because if you discovered that you have many differences to settle with, it would be easier to break the connection and look for another candidate again.

No rejections, but all confidence building

Online dating is all about convenience because modern-living individuals want dating to work within the bounds of their routines. You can forget the pain of being rejected since online dating enhances self-confidence in many positive ways. Even if someone is not interested in you after making an effort, there are still thousands of potential candidates that would become interested in meeting you. You can move on to the next candidate if you don't get any prompt response.

The dating app disadvantages


The system isn't perfect

Whatever your reasons are, selecting the right dating app can be overwhelming especially if you always switch from one app to another. You may end up consuming more time in looking for that particular person instead of using your time to begin a serious relationship. The matching system is not always as accurate as you think because no method has been developed yet that can match two different personalities. That's because the algorithms are used only as a reference to match your created profile as close to another candidate as possible.

Higher incidents of falsified info

Disinformation is now rampant in many dating apps as evident on the proliferation of fake accounts. In fact, you won't be able to get back at them quickly because fake subscribers can make another account or change their contact numbers anytime. Better check the credibility of the dating website as well as how it secures your private information through its privacy policy section. If you ever notice any discrepancy of the information supplied by other users, leave the site immediately and just try another one.

Personal communication is compromised

Since online dating lacks physical attraction, any special feeling towards another person may become unsustainable. Even if you have an excellent relationship while using the dating app, the needed chemistry between the two of you may not seem to work when you haven't met face to face yet. Intimacy is expected to turn unstable since the get-to-know process from dating apps is usually concluded fast. This could result in superficial feelings when both individuals failed to distinguish a fantasized relationship to a serious one.

Security breach

Some users with an evil intention may harm others in different ways, causing them to feel traumatized particularly on severe harassment cases. Some users are also vulnerable to personal attacks concerning sexual orientation and certain degrees of sensitive information.

Accompanying your love adventure with sound judgment would definitely reduce the risk of getting yourself into trouble. Investigate a person thoroughly first before engaging in a committed relationship.

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