Get Rid of your Frenemies

Get Rid of your Frenemies

Posted by Dipen Jayswal on

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. Rihanna and Ciara. Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Noticing a trend here? That’s right, today we’ll have a chat about frenemies, what they are and how exactly to deal with them! A quick spoiler for the last one: delete their number right now and run for your life. We are about elaborate on this anyway, just to absolutely convince you it’s definitely the best course of action.

Time to visit the Definition Land! So who is the “frenemy”, exactly? This clever oxymoron, first appearing on paper as early as 1953, is most commonly used to describe someone who is actively pretending to be your friend and appears as such on the surface, but really is an enemy. In other words, frenemies are your good old hating friends. Come on and admit it, most of us have at least one! You know, the one who literally never says anything positive about you. Criticizes every single outfit and haircut you happen to try, and not in a constructive way. Points out every slightest, most insignificant flaw in your appearance - like a tiny nail polish chip on your toe, no matter that no one will see it as you’re wearing sneakers today. And behavior - like when you stumbled a bit in the middle of that touching speech at your mutual friend’s wedding. She’s also the first one to promptly share the most embarrassing facts of your biography when the time and place are the least suitable to do so. And worst of all, you can’t help thinking she isn’t just your ordinary straightforward person – she actually seems to enjoy your mishaps.

Now, we’re not judging you – there are numerous common reasons to keep calling a toxic person a friend, despite all the obvious disadvantages of such ‘friendship’. Maybe you’re simply a new kid on the block, settling in at the unfamiliar location and trying to be grateful for just having someone to hit a café with. Perhaps, the reasons for allowing such individuals in your life are darker and related to your low self-esteem and believing you don’t deserve better friends. None of that, however, is a valid reason to tolerate a frenemy!

The hater fiends will only change your life for the worst, making you constantly doubt yourself. The thing is, most likely they are the ones who need to figure out their problems first! We would go as far as saying that we feel sorry for such individuals, as they are so deeply unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives, that the only thing that makes them feel better is putting others down.

Repeat after us, girl: you deserve much better! As the old saying goes, “better be alone than in bad company”. We urge you to break the vicious circle and finally stop hanging out with your hating friends. Instead, focus on the relationships and hobbies that bring positivity in your life. Remember that yoga class you always wanted to take, but your beloved frenemy kept saying you’d look like a sweaty hippo in those tight pants? Guess what: you go girl, it’s time to sign up. After all, you have a bit of extra time now that you don’t have to see this nasty lady anymore…


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